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To participate in the workshops, you must have booked the Camp or Training Pass with us.

At our People 'n Play, Time out 'n Training and Free Time 'n Training camps, this is possible. Provided our coaches are not already scheduled in the regular trainings or other tasks. 

Absolutely. We also offer explicit training for beginners. We take great care to divide the training groups according to the level of play, so that everyone receives training that is optimally tailored to them.

Look here game levels

We are constantly improving our offer. This year, we were able to create a massage/physio offer in a large number of the camp weeks. This means that you can get help with acute complaints or simply relax with a wellness massage on site for a small extra charge. 

At our Time Out 'n Training camps, our training groups consist of a maximum of 6 players. At the People 'n Play - Camps there is a maximum of 8 participants per group.

Yes, for smaller camps with fewer guests, we have correspondingly fewer coaches on site. In this constellation it can happen that you meet the same coach several times in one week. Basically, our approach is to swap coaches in every training session. Each coach has a different way of conveying content, building exercises and giving feedback. Rotation therefore creates the best outcome for everyone.

At the beginning, we form the training groups based on the self-assessment that is filled out in the online check-in after booking. We also take into account possible wishes for training partners. On the first day of the camp, our trainers take a closer look at whether the groups are a good match in terms of level. If necessary, there may be changes in the training groups. Basically, we make sure that everyone is happy to train at their level and that the interpersonal relationship is a good fit.

Basically, we are not afraid of a little wind & weather and offer training even in more difficult conditions. Beach volleyball is outdoor sport 🙂 In case of doubt, we decide situationally whether the conditions allow training. In case of thunderstorms we definitely do not train. In such a case, we try to make up for the training if time permits.

At the various camps, different tournament forms and modes are also played. The popular and well-known game form "King of the Court" can be found at all camps. Classic tournament formats in 2vs2 are also standard in the program. Our People 'n' Play camps also include the Davis Cup as a team competition.

There is no fixed team that supports us throughout the year. The coaches change from camp to camp. We train our coaches internally to ensure that the quality of the training is right.
This way you get to know different philosophies in training, try them out and decide which one suits you best. 

It's best to take a look at our camp overview page. There you should get a good overview of what to expect in the respective camp. If you're still not sure - feel free to call us 🙂 


In general we offer Free Time 'n Training, Time Out 'n Training, People 'n Play and Kids 'n Youth Camps. What exactly these camps are about, you will find here

There may be slight variations, so please always check back on the desired camp's page. Basically the week looks like this:

Saturday: Arrival to the camp

Sunday: evening welcome and overview of the week

Monday: The first training session is at 09:30 or at 11:00. Afterwards there is lunch before the second session of the day. This takes place either at 14:30 or 16:00. Afterwards, at around 17:30, there is a tournament format.

Tuesdays: 9:30 or 11:00 a.m. 1st training session, lunch, 2:30/16:00 p.m. 2nd second training session, beach me event (showmatch, ....), dinner.

Wednesday: Workshop day. No regular training takes place here. There are five beach volleyball specific workshops from which three can be chosen. This day can be arranged individually, an off-day is also possible.

Thursday: The first training session is at 09:30 or at 11:00. Afterwards, lunch is served before moving on to the second session of the day. This takes place either at 14:30 or 16:00.

Friday: The first training session is at 09:30 or at 11:00. After that there will be lunch. In the afternoon there will be the final tournament of the week. In the evening there will be a dinner and a party to end the week.

Saturday: Departure

Saturday: Arrival to the camp 

Sunday: evening welcome and overview of the week

Monday: Training in the morning between 9:30 and 12:30. Workshops in the afternoon from 2 pm and a get-to-know tournament afterwards. In addition, the fields are always available for free use. So you can play the whole day with other participants.

Tuesday-Thursday: Training in the morning between 9:30 to 12:30... Alternating tournaments from 14:30 in the afternoon. In addition, the fields are always available for free use. So you can play the whole day with other participants.

Friday: Workshop from 9:00 a.m., then final tournament, dinner, closing party

Saturday: Departure

Depending on the type of camp we offer different passes.

PnP - Camps: You can book either the guest, the camp or the training pass. The training pass includes the participation in all training sessions and the tournaments. With the camp pass you have no training sessions booked, but you can play all day on the fields and participate in the tournaments.

TnT and FnT - Camps: Here you can only book the training pass or the guest pass. As a guest, however, you are only traveling with us and can therefore not participate in the beach volleyball program.

You can definitely book alone! A partner is not necessary. The training groups are divided according to playing level and there is always someone to gamble with. Families, groups, couples, single travelers, beginners or professionals - all are welcome.

Most of the participants travel from German-speaking countries, so the main language in the camp is German. However, we attach great importance to the fact that our coaches and crew can also speak English. Therefore, you can participate in the camp without any problems if you do not speak German. Our team is happy to answer all questions in English and to conduct the training in English as well.

Unfortunately, you can only participate in our camps for adults from the age of 18. We only very rarely make an exception if you have already had training, are 17 years old and are traveling with a companion such as a sibling. In case of doubt, please send us an email or call us so that we can talk about it together.

With 13 years your child is unfortunately still a bit young for our camps. Since the oldest kids are already 17 years old and therefore much more grown up, we can not guarantee perfect care for such young children.

We recommend all camp participants to download the app "Discord". Here you will find groups with all participants of the respective camps. Here you can also exchange information with others in advance.

To use the fields you need either the camp pass (PnP camps) or the training pass (PnP, FnT or TnT camps). Otherwise it is not possible to use the fields.

Our cancellation conditions are stated in the GTC under the following link: GTC.

In principle, a fee is charged at any time, which is higher the more short-term the cancellation. Of course we understand that in most cases a cancellation is made only with a heavy heart and due to unavoidable reasons. However, you must also please understand our side of the fees as we have to put administrative effort into every booking, rebooking or cancellation.


Of course, we very much hope that this will no longer happen. However, if we have to cancel the camp, we will try to find the best possible solution for both sides.

At our camps we regularly produce photo and video material that we use for Beach me social media or our homepage. When you register, you will be asked whether you want to give us permission to take photos or not. If you do not want your photos to be published, simply indicate this when you register.

You can register online via our Booking page booking page. There you can view your booking in detail and individualize it.

Immediately after completing the booking, a confirmation email will be sent to you automatically. If you have not received it, either the email address you entered is incorrect or the email has landed in your spam folder. Please check the above mentioned error sources again. If you get stuck there as well, just contact us via e-mail and we will send you the confirmation again.

No, we do not have an exact deadline. However, all bookings 2 weeks before the start of the camp are initially only created as "request", so that we have to manually confirm or cancel your booking.

You can book up to 6 people in one booking. Please contact us if you want to book for a larger group.


That is entirely up to you. You can book as a group, with partner, family or alone - everything is possible and no problem.

We are always happy to receive registrations from large groups. Nevertheless, in the current situation we can only offer 5% discount for club members.

It actually exists! We can register you there including your email address and phone number. If someone cancels at short notice and a place becomes free, we will contact you.

If you are traveling alone to our camp, but would like to share a room and thus the costs, you can select a "shared" room in the booking process. In this case we will try to assign you one or more persons of the same sex in the same room.

But beware: In rare cases there is no other guest to share the room. In this case, unfortunately, you have to pay the single room surcharge.


Unfortunately no. You have to book the flight on your own. However, we will of course support you in your search for suitable flight connections and share our knowledge with you. The transfer from and to the airport, however, you can book through us.

Yes, you can book it directly with the registration.

It depends on when you arrive. On the official arrival and departure day (Saturday) you can book a regular transfer, if you arrive outside the official days, it is a special transfer.

We try to organize the transfer also at short notice. In principle, transfer requests up to 7 days before the start of the camp are no problem at all.

On the arrival and departure days we try to plan the tours so that we take as many as possible, but you do not have to wait too long. As a rule, no longer than 30-60 minutes waiting time. Sometimes, however, a waiting time of 90 minutes can unfortunately not be avoided, due to e.g. strikes or flight delays.

Our goal is to maintain a close and friendly relationship with all partners of our camps. Therefore, we always look for local opportunities. It is best to ask our team directly at the camp if and where there is a discount.

This mainly depends on the type of camp. If you want to do a lot of excursions or work remotely, then our Free Time `n Training Camps are perfect. This camp variant gives you exactly the freedom you need in addition to the training. But also our Time Out 'n Training Camps and People 'n Play Camps are possible. However, you would then have to exchange parts of our program.

A "must-do" is our coaches match and theory session at the Time Out 'n Training Camps. Depending on the location, there are of course various other options for leisure activities, but also with the offers in the Beach me program. Feel free to look around on the individual camp pages or contact us if you have specific questions.

Definitely! We think all locations are beautiful and can recommend destinations in the vicinity. The best thing to do is to check out the respective camp page or ask the event team directly on site for recommendations.

Besides your private playing clothes and equipment, we will provide everything you need to play beach volleyball. We will also provide you with water for the training, so please bring a water bottle with you. You can also purchase these from us at the camp. Furthermore we recommend to pack the following things: headgear, sunglasses, sunscreen, swim shorts/ tank top or bikini/sports shirt, towel, water bottle. You can find a small packing list as a help/encouragement here.

Yes, we always have a selection from our store with us. But it can happen that we do not always have all products or all sizes on site. If you want to be sure that you can wear the things on vacation, then order beforehand via our Store

Yes! Just drop by our store in the camp or talk to us 😉

Yes, especially for allergies and gluten and lactose we can offer many alternatives. Basically, there is a selection of dishes in our camps, so that everyone should find something (vegan, vegetarian). However, there are also countries where some diets are not yet as common as we might know it from Germany. So if you have a very specific intolerance, please call us beforehand and we will contact the accommodation to offer you the best possible alternatives.

Definitely! On-site catering is very important to us, especially given the high level of physical exertion for the participants. So we make sure that there is a good and large selection for everyone.

This depends a bit on the location and the accommodation, but at almost all of our camps there is water at the meals and at the fields. You will receive detailed information on site at the camp.

It depends a bit on the location and the accommodation. In most camps, however, the same meals are offered for the additional nights as in the camp week. If you have booked half board, the additional nights are also half board.

We do not provide snacks, but there are stores and restaurants near the fields in most camps.

We are always happy when families with children come to our camps. Since most camps have a large buffet for meals, there are always dishes for kids. However, if in doubt, please ask us again specifically for your camp, what alternatives there are.

Eating is always a social happening. Eating together is a great opportunity to get into conversation with other participants. We definitely recommend always booking the meal, because all participants sit together and eat the meals together.

That depends a bit on the location. But our camps abroad definitely include specialties of the country.

We definitely recommend that you attend the dinner. It's the best way to get into conversation with other participants. If you really don't want to eat with us because you already have other meals, you can contact us. Then we will surely find a solution.

This is not possible, because we partly use the private beaches of the hotels. However, if you live on site and therefore do not need any accommodation, you are welcome to contact us. Then we will find a common solution.

Please contact us before booking if an additional overnight stay is possible.
Since our camps take place from Saturday to Saturday, the participants of the next camp week are already arriving and your accommodation will be passed on directly. However, if an accommodation is not booked in one week, we can make an additional overnight stay possible for you.

In all hotels this is possible for a small extra charge. Unfortunately, this is not possible for our camps with accommodation in a youth hostel or on the campsite.

Towels and bed linen are included in our accommodations. The only exceptions are our camps in Leipzig and the Kids Camp in Freiburg. There you have to bring a sleeping bag and a pillow as well as a towel.

This is possible in any case. Should you not be able to arrive on time, please send us an email. We will then pass on your arrival details to the accommodation.

You can book shared rooms at each camp. To do this, you must select a room that says "shared" or "shared" in the booking process. Please be sure to read the additional information in the booking process.

This is not the case across the board. If you want to have shared beds, please write it in the note of your booking. We will then assign you to an appropriate room.

Sustainable camps are very important to us, so we offer "cleaning" as needed at some hotels. There are also accommodations (e.g. bungalows or apartments) where only weekly cleaning is provided.

Of course 🙂! Our training sessions are staggered so that parents with children can also train ideally. Just make a note of this when you register and we will make sure that you don't train at the same time when planning the training groups. Either way, we are happy to welcome the new generation of beach volleyball players to our camps. P.S.: For older children we have also Kids 'n Youth Camps in our offer. 

Yes, that is no problem. Simply specify when registering under "Wishes".

The booking must always be made by an adult. Child/children are then noted as guests.

Yes, almost all of our partners offer this. You are on the safe side if you inform us in advance again dbzgl.

Are there any questions left unanswered? Then write to us!

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