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A healthy work-life balance is increasingly in the focus of both employees and employers. This also includes combining work and vacation - "workation. Freelancers and digital nomads have long since adopted this approach, and following the excellent remote work experiences during the pandemic, more and more employers are also offering their employees this option. Workation in a team can develop completely new potentials.
Beach me has the right vacation offer for this with the Free Time `n Training Camps: actively doing sports in the morning and then starting work full of energy. Fantastic locations, lots of sun and good food provide additional motivation and productivity. Wouldn't that be something?

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In the morning joint beach volleyball training, in the afternoon remote work or other individual arrangements, in the evening joint dinner


Teams, individual employees, self-employed/freelancers


Many advantages for employees as well as employers


All Free Time 'n Training Camps

Sierksdorf: June
Portimão: April/May/Sep./Oct.
Sardinia: May/Oct.
Chalkidiki: April/May/Oct.

Work-life balance is key

Why Workation?

With Workation, a concept of combining remote work with vacation is gaining increasing importance. Here there is the perfect mix of vacation and work, often with better quality work. The balance promotes health and reduces stress levels.
Workation in a team can also strengthen team building, release creativity and thus contribute to better work results.
When not working, vacation feelings arise, which promote relaxation to the maximum. At Beach me, people actively train & play beach volleyball, enjoy the sun, relax with a cool drink with like-minded people at fantastic locations. So you can return to work fresh and motivated. This has advantages for all sides.



Employer Branding

Workation pays off on the company's employer branding and helps strengthen the company as a brand in the long term.

Increase motivation and performance

A workout on the beach or relaxing in the sun provide new ideas, satisfaction (professional & private) and have a positive effect on motivation and productivity.


Joint training, a family dinner, brainstorming together and the informal get-together promote creative exchange and strengthen team cohesion.

Junior staff

The offer to work remotely, and even abroad if you wish, helps to attract young talent and retain them at your company.


the individual needs of the employees move more into focus and the place of work into the background.

Stress Reduction

An optimized work-life balance reduces stress and dissatisfaction.



Well-organized and valuable employees enjoy more flexibility at work, which they can gain through workation.

Creativity and readiness

This type of work, promotes creativity and the motivation to experiment with new forms of work and, if necessary, to rethink/optimize processes and structures.


Leisure/work time is enjoyed more intensively, as the "to dos" of everyday life are eliminated.

Our offer

Our Free time 'n Training Camps

Our Free Time & Training Camps offer, due to the schedule of the camp, the perfect opportunity to combine sports and work. After a joint breakfast, beach volleyball is practiced in small groups (up to 6 participants) in the morning. The groups will be formed according to the level of play of the participants, so that beginners as well as experienced players will receive the right training for them.
The afternoon is free for working, teambuilding, relaxing, excursions or other activities. During the week we also offer fun tournaments on some afternoons, but these are not obligatory.In the evening we have dinner together again.

Participants make the Beach me snail
Man working on laptop in vacation environment
Dinner together at Beach Volleyball Camp Greece
Participants chilling on the beach next to the beach volleyball court and laughing


Many work calendars are packed with meetings, appointments and coordination. Our training sessions are generally held at two times in the morning.
If you come to our camp as a team, we will do everything we can to organize the training groups as ideally as possible for your company. Whether, for example, everyone trains at the same time or, if desired, at different times, we will be happy to coordinate together in order to disrupt the work flow as little as possible.

This is what a day for your
employees could look like:

Equipment on site

We try to create the best possible work and vacation setting for everyone. If you have special requirements (own meeting room, etc.) or need specific materials, feel free to contact us. We have a solution for almost everything.


High Speed Internet in the room
Seminar/Meeting rooms
Projector/screen available
Room with (writing) table


High Speed Internet in the room
Seminar/Meeting rooms
Projector/screen available
Room with (writing) table


High Speed Internet in the room
Seminar/Meeting rooms
Projector/screen available
Room with (writing) table


Internet at the beach bar
Seminar/Meeting rooms
Projector/screen available
Room with (writing) table - only terrace table

Here directly to the booking



Situated on the Baltic Sea and within an hour's drive from Hamburg is our beautiful camp location: Sierksdorf. A relaxed little place, where even in summer you can't find towel to towel, and you can relax on the wide sandy beach. ...

Dates: 03.06. - 10.06. | 10.06. - 17.06. | 17.06. - 24.06. | 24.06. - 01.07.


Beach volleyball on the beach with a view of THE Olympus. This is not a tourist phrase, but reality on the beach of Possidi Holidays Resort on Chalkidiki in northern Greece. We have really found a "hidden paradise" here. It's quiet, close to nature, the food is outstanding, the service great, the hospitality enormous and the kilometer-long beach simply beautiful - not to mention the sunsets. ...

Dates: 18.05.-25.05. | 25.05.-01.05. | 01.06.-08.06. | 14.09.-21.09. | 21.09.-28.09.

Coaches play beach volleyball at show match
Participants at the Beach Volleyball Camp in Italy


Fantastic, breathtaking, unforgettable - these are terms that describe the feeling you get when you visit Sardinia on the Costa Rei for the first time. One of our coaches, who has already played on the World Tour in Brazil, puts it like this: "This is the Copacabana of Europe." And indeed, the comparison is not far-fetched for this dream spot in Italy - the finest sandy beach, turquoise blue, clear sea and great lush green mountain landscapes near the coast - perfect conditions for our beach volleyball camp. ....

Dates: 04.05.-11.05. | 11.05.-18.05. | 12.10.-19.10. | 19.10.-26.10.


Praia da Rocha in Portugal in the Algarve is one of the largest sports beaches in Europe. The huge sandy beach is located directly on the Atlantic Ocean and in close proximity to the beautiful, typical rocky coastline. As a result, you can enjoy hours away from beach volleyball in the fantastic ambience of the cliffs. The beach offers an incredible amount of space for sports activities, so there are also many surfing providers and providers for other water sports. ....

Dates: 13.04. - 20.04. | 20.04. - 27.04. | 27.04. - 04.05. 

Participants play beach volleyball

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