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Time out 'n Training Beach Volleyball Camp
960 €

At a glance

beach volleyball

10x training,
1x athletics, relaxation & theory session each, introductory and final tournament, free play


Hotel with various apartments


Half board + packed lunch, Beach me cooks for you


Hotel: Saturday (Sunday in W1) from 3 pm,
Camp: Saturday (Sunday in W1) from 3 pm,
Start of training: Monday 9:30/11:00 am
End of camp: Saturday after breakfast


It still exists at the Baltic Sea in Sierksdorf - the beautiful, intact world. On the beaches you won't find towel after towel, but peace and relaxation. In the town center, you can walk in the footsteps of great painters through the beautiful chestnut avenue or past park-like gardens with lovingly restored thatched-roof cottages. Many of them are now vacation homes where you can experience the stylish tranquillity of the village in an almost familiar setting. It is precisely here, in the midst of these perfect conditions, that we set up our courts. We are delighted to be able to offer our beach volleyball camps at this fantastic location on the Schleswig-Holstein Baltic Sea for the 3rd year in a row.



01.09.-07.09. (week 1 - 6 days)

07.09.-14.09. (Week 2 -7 days)

14.09.-21.09. (week 3 -7 days)



ATTENTION: Week 1 only starts on Sunday. Check-in from 3 pm, official welcome in the evening. The introductory tournament will take place on Monday afternoon after the second training session. 


  • Saturday: Arrival day with check-in from 3 pm & Free Play possibly small tournament format.
  • Sunday: Optional joint excursion in the morning (not included in the price), in the afternoon from 3 p.m. welcome and get-to-know-you tournament
  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday: One beach volleyball training session in the morning and one in the afternoon in two staggered blocks (family-friendly).
  • Wednesday: Workshop-Wednesday, free choice of workshops
  • Friday: Training in the morning, final tournament in the afternoon, final party in the evening
  • Saturday: After breakfast departure

  • Good to know:
    Athletics, relaxation and theory sessions are integrated into the schedule on site

Saturday is the arrival and departure day of a camp week (NOTE: the first camp week 01.09. - 07.09.2024 starts on Sunday and is therefore one day shorter). At the beginning of your camp you can check in with our event team on Saturday from 3 pm, the afternoon is available for free play (there may also be a small tournament format). On Sunday we offer a joint excursion in the morning (not available in week 1), which you can optionally book. In the afternoon, the official welcome will take place at around 3 pm. Afterwards we will play the introductory tournament.


Monday, Tuesday and Thursday morning and afternoon training sessions are held in two blocks (e.g. parents can also train staggered). Wednesday and Friday are exceptions. On Wednesdays, workshops are offered that can be freely booked, so that the day can be freely arranged and combined with an excursion in the surrounding area. On Friday, the last training takes place in the morning, before the big final tournament is played in the afternoon. The athletics, relax and theory unit will be integrated into the schedule on site.

Who knows, maybe in the evening after the training there will be a match of the coaches, which you can watch with a cool drink in your hand.


Training & Game

In our Time Out 'n Training Camp in Sierksdorf at the Baltic Sea you already have the complete beach volleyball program and the extra program (theory, athletics and relaxation unit) included.

This is mandatory if you want to practice/play beach volleyball on site (unless you are really just a guest/family attachment).

A training group consists of a maximum of 6 players. Due to the small training groups you will get more frequent feedback on technique and tactics from our coaches during your beach volleyball training.

Of course, you can use the free courts at any time for free play. If you still don't have enough, you can book extra training sessions with our coaches on some days.

The complete package:

  • Up to 10 beach volleyball training sessions
  • max. 6 players per training group
  • 1 athletics unit
  • 1 Relax unit
  • 1 theory unit
  • Final tournament
  • Free Play


Whether you're just starting out with beach volleyball, have an intermediate level of play or are already an advanced player with lots of tournament experience - at our camp in Sierksdorf you'll get exactly what you need. We have the right coach for every performance level and can take your game to the next level together. Beach volleyball is a team sport and we are one big team on site.



    • beginners
    • Medium level
    • Advanced

You can't estimate your level? Then have a look here.

In Sierksdorf, you will be at camp with up to 34 other participants per week. The group size has been deliberately chosen to be smaller so that we can create a family atmosphere and give all participants maximum beach volleyball input. This gives all participants and the Beach me team time to get to know each other and exchange ideas before and after training.

~ up to 34 participants per week


To the online booking

Food lunch box at camp in Sierksdorf

Beach me cooks for you! We can use a kitchen in the accommodation and our team will provide you with delicious, varied and healthy dishes. There will also be a range of vegetarian and vegan products.
So there is something for everyone and you can look forward to beautiful late summer evenings where we end the day with delicious food.

  • breakfast
  • packed lunch
  • dinner

Sierksdorf is ideal for simply switching off and enjoying nature. In addition to many hiking trails, Sierksdorf's inland offers relaxing cycle tours through the unique natural surroundings - where estate cafés in Wintershagen or Sierhagen invite you to take a coffee break with delicious home-baked cakes.

Nature hikes
bike tours
nice get-together/final party

Participants of the beach volleyball camp play spike ball

In September, the weather in Sierksdorf is a pleasant mix of mild temperatures and a hint of fall. The average daily temperatures at this time of year are around 18 to 20 degrees Celsius, which creates ideal conditions for our camp.

 The pleasant air temperature and the light breeze from the Baltic Sea offer welcome refreshment. 

The decreasing number of tourists after the summer months also ensures a little more peace and quiet on the beach, so that you can relax and enjoy the picturesque backdrop of the Baltic Sea.

All in all, September in Sierksdorf offers a perfect mix of pleasant weather and ideal conditions for beach volleyball, making the region a perfect location for us.

Nautic beach hotel

The Nautic Strandhotel offers several vacation apartments. You can choose between different types (from standard to luxury). All apartments are located at the same address, are a maximum of 250m from the beach and are fully equipped (kitchen, bathroom, etc.). Some apartments even offer a few extras such as a sauna or sun terrace, which is why there are of course price differences. Most vacation apartments are initially advertised for 2 people, but may offer space for more if you are traveling as a family or small group. Just send us an e-mail if you would like to stay in the apartments with several people (families or the same household).

IMPORTANT: For a single booking, the indicated camp price in our booking portal is very high. This is due to the fact that the apartments are designed for 2, 3, 4 or 5 people. But don't worry, there is a possibility to put you together with other single bookings in one vacation apartment. Please contact us via and we will be happy to show you all your options.

Here you get an impression of a part of the apartments - . Nautic.


What you still have to take care of


In general, the arrival and departure is organized by you independently. Sierksdorf is easy to reach both by car and by train (via Lübeck). All apartments are within 10 minutes walking distance from Sierksdorf train station. Parking spaces for cars are generally available. If all participants arrive by car, some may have to use paid parking spaces (the fee is fair!). Please let us know how you will arrive and contact us if you need any help.


Apart from your private playing clothes and equipment, we provide everything you need to play beach volleyball. In addition, we will provide you with water for the training to fill yourself. So that you are personally well equipped for the training, we recommend that you pack the following things:

Headgear, sunglasses & sunscreen, swim shorts/tanktop or bikini/sports shirt, towel, water bottle

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The total prices listed are per person in a vacation apartment. The prices include the following beach volleyball package: up to 10 beach volleyball training sessions, 1 athletics session, 1 relaxation session, 1 theory session and free play. In addition, 7 nights' accommodation (6 nights in week 1) and half board + packed lunch.

Nautic Hotel (late summer 2024)

AccommodationCateringbeach volleyballPrice per person from

Midship apartmentHalf board + packed lunchTraining Pass TnT960 €
Apartment BugkorbHalf board + packed lunchTraining Pass TnT960 €
Apartment starboardHalf board + packed lunchTraining Pass TnT960 €
Apartment SteuermannHalf board + packed lunchTraining Pass TnT960 €
Apartment HeckHalf board + packed lunchTraining Pass TnT980 €
Apartment CaptainHalf board + packed lunchTraining Pass TnT980 €
Apartment on port sideHalf board + packed lunchTraining Pass TnT1140 €
Sea view apartmentHalf board + packed lunchTraining Pass TnT1200 €
Apartment AusguckHalf board + packed lunchTraining Pass TnT1200 €


For a single booking, the indicated camp price in our booking portal is very high. This is due to the fact that the apartments are designed for 2, 3, 4 or 5 people. But don't worry, there is a possibility to put you together with other single bookings in one vacation apartment. Please contact us via and we will be happy to show you all your options.

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