Education and training to become a beach volleyball coach

You've always wanted to become a beach volleyball coach, but haven't found a suitable way to acquire the basic knowledge? That's possible, because until now there was no complete concept on the market. We at Beach me are now filling this gap and have set up a training program. Join us and become a beach volleyball coach! Work with sand under your feet, nice people and teach the best sport in the world.

Training at a glance


The content of the training is based on the requirements of the DVV (German Volleyball Association) C-training.


Self-study with comprehensive script, on-demand presentations, weekly live calls, final attendance weekend and learning success control


Location flexibility through online material, digital script and digital exchange, final attendance date for all participants in Hamburg/Cologne


Registration deadline: from fall | Kick-off: from fall | Live-Calls: Every Friday, 6-8 pm | Presence dates: Cologne: Dates to follow HH: Dates to follow


Course of the training


What you can expect from the training
can expect


Professional training

The contents are based on the requirements of the DVV (German Volleyball Association) coach C training course


University lecturer, A-level volleyball coach, former world-class beach volleyball/volleyball player, qualified physiotherapist

Beach me environment

Many years of experience in internal training and further education of trainers at Beach me Camps and Beach me e.V.

Professionalism and fun

We focus on the highest quality in our training, but do not forget how important it is that content is taught in a pleasant, friendly and respectful environment.

Expand your networkEs

New people, impulses and ideas from the field of beach volleyball will help you develop as a coach, broaden your horizons and expand your network.

Discord Channel

With the start of the training we will launch a Discord channel where all participants and instructors can exchange and share experiences on a regular basis and especially after the training.


General principles

Development of beach volleyball
Tasks and responsibilities of a coach
Sports organization

Training theory

Didactics and methodology
Realization of a TE
Coordinative skills

Game plot development

Special beach volleyball techniques
Training and movement to the ball
Work with children and teenagers

Beach volleyball tactics

K0 - Serve
K1 - Side-Out
K2 - Block defense situation

What you should bring:




For all those who would like to work at Beach me in our camps or at our local training offers (Cologne and Hamburg)

please contact:

Clubs that would like to train and develop their coaches in the field of beach volleyball.


All types of teachers who want to teach beach volleyball


Young players who would like to earn some extra money as a coach in addition to their own beach volleyball season


People who would like to realize their potential as a beach volleyball coach

If you want to work with us

Work for Beach me

We live and love beach volleyball with all its facets and want to convey this to our guests at all times. Professional training paired with good humor, enthusiasm, understanding and an always open and respectful manner - that's what we stand for at Beach me. That is our spirit. If you feel like joining us as a coach, you should be able to identify with this. And the best thing about it - you will work in a motivated team, with lovely guests at the most beautiful spots where you can play beach volleyball. Even if it's a hackneyed phrase - we work where others go on vacation!


02./03.03. or 16./17.03.
Registration deadline
Official start of the training and distribution of teaching materials
Kick-off event
In the appointment you will get all the information about the exact course of the training and can also clarify any questions that remain unanswered in advance.
Work in the comprehensive script at your own pace, supported by various online presentations available on demand when it suits you best.
Live Call
If there are any questions left unanswered while reading the script or watching the online lectures, they can be discussed with the corresponding instructors during the live calls
Attendance dates
Face-to-face event at Sportspark Cologne (02./03.03.) or Beach Hamburg (16./17.03.). Practice workshop over 2 days.

From whom you learn

Our trainers


Mischa Urbatzka

Co-Founder Beach me GmbH, sporting director Beach me e.V., former professional beach volleyball player

"My desire is to share the enthusiasm for this sport and pass on what I learned and experienced during my active time!"


Malte Nagursky

Beach me - coach since 2015, former head state coach in SHVV, currently working at Kiel University (CAU)

"I'm looking forward to good exchanges among coaches to get new impressions and learn about a different perspective on beach volleyball!"

Sebastian Fox

Sebastian Fox

Beach me - coach since 2017, sports director Beach me GmbH, former professional beach & indoor/volleyball player.

"Bach volleyball is the perfect blend of tactics, technique and athleticism for me. I love this lifestyle and everything that comes with it."


Michael Pless

Beach me - coach since 2019, teaching supervisor SHVV, experience as state coach at SHVV.

"I love the game and dealing with it. Looking at issues in beach volleyball from different angles and going through them as a team is fun for me!"

Your opportunity for a scholarship!

School, university, life in general...everything is and will be more and more expensive and education is not financially possible for you, but you are highly motivated and predestined for the job? No problem. If you are under 23, you can apply for a scholarship and do your training with us free of charge.

If you become a coach at our camps, it is also possible to refinance the training through the later camps. Just contact us and we will talk about it.

Impressions of the work as a coach

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