690 €

At a glance

Camp duration: 7 days

beach volleyball

10x training,
1x each athletics, relax & theory unit, final tournament, free play


Apartments 1-4 persons


Full board


Lodging: Sunday from 3 p.m.,
Camp: Sunday from 3 p.m.,
Training starts: Monday 9:30/11:00
Camp ends: Saturday after breakfast

The concept

The beginnings of Beach me remain unforgotten to all who have been there. The first camps with a small group in a private villa in Portugal, with their own courts right outside the door. Completely independent from other tourists. Meals were prepared by Beach me with heart and soul for the participants. There we not only celebrated the most beautiful sport in the world, but also developed a very special community. Among some of the participants of that time, beach volleyball friendships were formed that continue to exist.

Family atmosphere is important to us at all our Timeout 'n Training camps. However, we are always thinking about how we can revive those very special vibes of our first camps.

Now finally we have the opportunity. In a quaint villa in Greece. It belongs to our location there, the Possidi Holiday Resorts, which will already be closed during these camps. This dreamlike, already quiet place will therefore present itself in unique silence. Perfect to listen to the quiet murmur of the sea after strenuous training sessions, to relax undisturbed, to completely switch off from the hustle and bustle of our often hectic world.

 Our own cook will prepare delicious meals for us. She would be happy if a few of you would help to set the table and clear the table. Only daily room service will be omitted - just like in a private villa. And for that at a particularly attractive price.

But a camp in November? Sure! We all notice more and more: Climate change is noticeable. With many negative consequences. But also shifting good travel times. Thanks to the observations of the last 3 years, we realize that the weather is relatively mild and stable until mid-November in Halkidiki, which creates optimal conditions for a camp at this time also in Europe. For more details, see also the Climate section below.


Possidi Beach is undoubtedly a small "hidden paradise". The sparkling turquoise waters of the Mediterranean stretch out before us and the breathtaking backdrop of the surrounding nature, characterized by green pine forests, the view of Mount Olympus and picturesque hills, makes our location truly a paradise for all beach volleyball enthusiasts.

However, the real highlights of our site are our own beach volleyball courts, which we built this year. Thanks to the conversion of the tennis courts, we have created a place where beach volleyball can be played all year round .

The fields are 2 minutes away from our accommodation, a cozy little villa with apartments, where you will stay during our Chalkikdiki special. 

Dates '24






  • Sunday: Arrival day with check-in from 3pm & free play, small tournament format if necessary, official welcome in the evening
  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday: One beach volleyball training session in the morning and one in the afternoon in two staggered blocks (family-friendly).
  • Wednesday: Workshop-Wednesday, freely selectable workshop
  • Friday: Training in the morning, final tournament in the afternoon, final party in the evening
  • Saturday: After breakfast departure
  • Good to know:
    Athletics, Relaxation and Theory Unit: Flexible, will be integrated into the schedule on site.

Sunday is the arrival day of a camp week. At the beginning of your camp, you can check in with our event team on Sundays from 3 p.m., the morning and afternoon are available for free play (there may also be a small tournament format), before the official welcome and subsequent dinner takes place at around 6:30 p.m.
Our closing party takes place on Friday evening .

Departure is Saturday after breakfast.


Monday, Tuesday and Thursday morning and afternoon training sessions are held in two blocks (e.g. parents can also train staggered). Wednesday and Friday are exceptions. On Wednesdays, workshops are offered that can be freely booked, so that the day can be freely arranged and combined with an excursion in the surrounding area. On Friday, the last training takes place in the morning, before the big final tournament is played in the afternoon. The athletics, relax and theory unit will be integrated into the schedule on site.

Who knows, maybe in the evening after the training there will be a match of the coaches, which you can watch with a cool drink in your hand.



Training & Game

In our November Special at Possidi Beach you already have the complete beach volleyball program and the extra program (theory, athletics and relax unit) included.

This is mandatory if you want to practice/play beach volleyball on site (unless you are really just a guest/family member).

A training group consists of a maximum of 6 players. Due to the small training groups you will get more frequent feedback on technique and tactics from our coaches during your beach volleyball training.

Of course, you can use the free courts at any time for free play. If you still don't have enough, you can book extra training sessions with our coaches on some days.

Training takes place on our newly built beach volleyball courts on the former tennis courts of the Possidi Holiday Resort.

The complete package:

  • Up to 10 beach volleyball training sessions
  • max. 6 players per training group
  • 1 athletics unit
  • 1 Relax unit
  • 1 theory unit
  • Final tournament
  • Free Play


No matter if you just want to start playing beach volleyball, have an intermediate level or are already an advanced player with a lot of tournament experience - at our beach volleyball camp in Possidi you will get exactly what you need. We have the right coach for every level and together we can take your game to the next level. Beach volleyball is a team sport and we are one big team on site. 


  • beginners
  • Medium level
  • Advanced

You can't estimate your level? Then have a look here.

On Chalkidiki you will be in the camp with up to 34 other participants per week. The group size is deliberately chosen smaller, because we can create a family atmosphere and give all active the maximum beach volleyball input. So there is also time before and after the training to get to know each other and exchange ideas in the whole group.

~ up to 34 participants per week


To the online booking

Food Buffet Chalkidiki


You can expect not only sporting action, but also culinary delights.
This camp special is a bit "back to the roots of Beach me", when we still cooked with heart and soul for our participants and were a small, sworn group .We are lucky to have an experienced cook directly on site, who only takes care of our physical well-being and spoils you with regional and international delicacies, but who is happy to find one or the other helping hand when setting up and covering the table.

Of course, she is also happy to cater to individual wishes. Whether vegetarians, vegans, allergy sufferers or special preferences - a suitable culinary solution will be found for each participant.

  • breakfast
  • lunches
  • dinner

Events & Specials

After the challenging training sessions, we enjoy winding down the evenings together. Whether that means meeting on the beach to play a round of spikeball with a glass of wine, taking a trip to picturesque Afytos, or just having game nights together - the Beach me Family feeling and your relaxing vacation are always the focus.

 If the weather is not so good, we can use the hotel's own sauna or make ourselves comfortable in the fireplace room.


Sundowner on the beach, game nights, closing party

Excursion Afytos in Greece


In November, Halkidiki, Greece, transforms into a picturesque setting that enchants both travelers and locals alike. The weather at this time of the year takes on a transitional character as autumn gradually gives way to winter. 

The days become shorter and temperatures drop compared to summer, but still remain pleasantly mild. During the day, you can usually expect average temperatures between 15 °C and 20 °C, which creates optimal conditions for beach volleyball.

Halkidiki in November is a time of retreat and tranquility. The beaches are now less crowded and many tourists have left. The landscape is still green, and the olive groves and vineyards provide an idyllic backdrop.

Overall, Halkidiki in November offers a special atmosphere characterized by the relaxed mood and beauty of the changing season. It is a time of enjoyment for those who want to experience the quiet side of this fascinating region of Greece.

The mix of mild climate, less crowded beaches and the picturesque surroundings creates a perfect backdrop for memorable games, training sessions and relaxing hours off the field.


Villa Possidi Resort

The rustic Villa Possidi belongs to the Possidi Holiday Resort and we have now for the first time the chance to stay in this unique accommodation. The villa captivates with many wooden details and a cozy atmosphere. The apartments for 1-4 people offer the perfect retreat in the midst of enchanting nature. On the wooden balconies you can feel the fresh sea breeze and enjoy the view of the sparkling sea and best of all, the accommodation is just a stone's throw away from our fields!


What you still have to take care of


In general, the arrival and departure will be organized by yourself. We offer transfer services between Thessaloniki airport and our beach volleyball camp. You will receive all further information in the booking process. We are always happy to help you find suitable flights and/or other transport options - just send us an email or call us. Transfer service offer from Thessaloniki, Greece

Rental car

In cooperation with our local partner we can provide you with a cheap and reliable car rental service. If you are interested in a rental car to explore the area of Chalkidiki apart from the training, just send us an email to info@beachme.de or tick the rental car option in the booking process, then we will send you the necessary information.


Apart from your private playing clothes and equipment, we provide everything you need to play beach volleyball. In addition, we will provide you with water for the training to fill yourself. So that you are personally well equipped for the training, we recommend you to pack the following things:

Headgear, sunglasses, sunscreen, swim shorts/ tank top or bikini/sports shirt, warm clothes for the evening hours, towel, water bottle.

For more ideas on what to pack, check out our packing list (The things listed are just ideas and not a MUST :))

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