In our Beach 'n Balance Camp you can expect the familiar Beach me feeling with intensive beach volleyball training in the morning. The afternoon program, however, is new! We will then deal with other topics that are close to our hearts: Sustainability as well as mindful interaction with ourselves, our fellow human beings and our environment. We are looking forward to the common exchange as well as your input. Be curious about a different camp format with Beach me & Inaska!

840 €

At a glance

beach volleyball

5x training sessions (a 1.5 hours), get-to-know-you and final tournament, free play

The More

joint discussion of topics such as sustainability, mindfulness, nutrition in the context of beach volleyball


Hotel with different apartments


Half board, breakfast and dinner buffet, which will be prepared together with you


Hotel: Saturday from 3pm,
Camp: Saturday from 3pm,
Start of training: Monday 9:30/11.00
End of camp: Saturday after breakfast

Beach volleyball is the most beautiful sport in the world for us, there's no question about that! Not least because we can play it in beautiful places. So that we can continue to enjoy this, it is important to protect what we love. Our beach, the sea - our beautiful locations. And last but not least, we love ourselves.

Therefore, we at Beach me would like - besides the sport - to expand our awareness together with you and our partner INASKA and recognize ways in which we can all live more consciously in our environment and especially in harmony with our sport.

To that end, in addition to training, we plan to get together for various workshops and sessions throughout the week to address different topics.

We will talk with you about sustainability at Beach me & Inaska and create space for discussion and improvement. We will have a relax/yoga session and a mindset session to intensively deal with ourselves and our environment. Of course, as in many camps already, we will also do an extensive beach clean-up.

We also want to give the topic of nutrition a big role in this camp. We will prepare our meals together and try to consciously use regional and seasonal products.


About Inaska

INASKA produces ecofair in Europe highly functional bikinis, swimsuits and leggings in individually adjustable styles. Because women have many different needs for their activities and many different body shapes. Finding a well-fitting bikini that holds up while playing beach volleyball and is all-around sustainable is practically the founding DNA of the women-owned company from Hamburg. Today, they also outfit many female athletes and are also committed to a diverse, equal and environmentally friendly sport! 



At the Baltic Sea in Sierksdorf it still exists - the beautiful, ideal world. On the beaches you won't find towel to towel, but peace and relaxation. In the town center, you can walk in the footsteps of great painters through the beautiful chestnut avenue or past park-like gardens with lovingly restored thatched cottages. Many of them are now vacation accommodations, where you can experience the stylish tranquility of the place in an almost family-like setting. Exactly here, in the midst of these perfect conditions, we are setting up our beach volleyball courts. We are happy to be able to offer our beach volleyball camps for the 3rd year in a row at this great, regional location on the Schleswig-Holstein Baltic Sea.




  • Saturday: Arrival day with check-in from 3 pm & Free Play possibly small tournament format.
  • Sunday: Optional bike tour to Holsteinische Schweiz in the morning (not included in the price.), "Beat / Team-Up the Coaches" event in the afternoon, official welcome in the evening
  • Monday - Friday: Each morning a 1.5 hour beach volleyball training session in two staggered blocks (family friendly)
    Monday: Morning training, afternoon get-to-know tournament, relax session
  • Tuesday: morning training, afternoon workshop "Sustainability with & within Beach me & Inaska" and relax/yoga session
  • Wednesday: Training in the morning, fun tournament in the afternoon.
  • Thursday: morning training -afternoon Beach Clean-Up and Free Play incl. "Mindset-Session"
    morning training, afternoon final tournament, evening final party
  • Saturday: After breakfast departure

Saturday is the arrival and departure day of a camp week. At the beginning of your camp you can check in with our event team on Saturday from 3pm, the afternoon is available for free play (there may also be a small tournament format). On Sunday we offer a bike tour to the Holstein Switzerland in the morning, you can book it optionally. In the afternoon there will be a "Beat the Coaches Event", so you can already play against our coaches before the camp or watch with a cool drink, before it comes to the official welcome and subsequent dinner at about 18:30.


Monday - Friday the training sessions take place in two blocks in the morning (parents can also train in the afternoon). The afternoons are at your free disposal. Monday afternoon is our big get-to-know-you tournament. Wednesday afternoon we organize a fun tournament in which you can participate if you want. On Friday we will have our last training in the morning, before we play the big final tournament in the afternoon.


Workshops and themed sessions:
During the week you can optionally participate in different workshops and sessions in the afternoons.
Tuesday afternoon we want to deal with the topic of sustainability in sports fashion based on our partner Inaska and relax with a yoga
Thursday we would like to take a walk on the beach with you, where we will clean up the beach and deal with the ecosystem "sea". Afterwards we want to have a mindset session (also in combination with free play) to look at the mental issues that come up during beach volleyball and how we can deal with them in the best possible way.



24.06. - 01.07.


Training & Game

In our Beach 'n Balance Camps in Sierksdorf at the Baltic Sea you can expect a mix of beach volleyball and workshops. In the morning, there are 1.5 hour training sessions in two blocks each (parents can also train staggered here, for example).

A training group consists of a maximum of 6 players. Due to the small training groups you will get more frequent feedback on technique and tactics from our coaches during your beach volleyball training.

Of course, you can use the free courts at any time for free play. If you still don't have enough, you can book extra training sessions with our coaches on some days.

The complete package:

  • Up to 5 beach volleyball training sessions
  • max. 6 players per training group
  • Getting to know each other and final tournament
  • Wednesday afternoon: fun tournament
  • Free Play


No matter if you just want to start with beach volleyball, have an intermediate level or already have a lot of tournament experience as an advanced player - at our beach volleyball camp in Sierksdorf you will get exactly what you need. We have the right coach for every level and together we can take your game to the next level. Beach volleyball is a team sport and we are one big, united team on site. #eachoneteachone

  • beginners
  • Medium level
  • Advanced

You can't estimate your level? Then have a look here.

In Sierksdorf you will be at the camp with up to 22 other participants per week. The group size is deliberately chosen smaller, because we can create a family atmosphere and give all participants the maximum beach volleyball input. This gives all participants and the Beach me team time to get to know each other before and after the training.

~ 22 participants per week


To the online booking

Bowls with salads

A family atmosphere has always been one of the most important factors at Beach me, but in our Beach & Balance Camp we put a special focus on this once again. Not only will we eat all meals together at this camp, but we will also prepare them together. We will shop and cook together in teams. In this context we will deal with the topic of healthy nutrition together. We would like to look together with you how we can cook regionally, varied and as far as possible without animal products ,because a balanced diet is incredibly important for good performance in sports.

Sierksdorf is the perfect place to switch off and enjoy nature. Besides many hiking trails, the inland of Sierksdorf offers relaxing bike tours through the unique nature - there, estate cafés in Wintershagen or Sierhagen invite you to take a coffee break with delicious home-made cake.

  • Bike tours
  • Nature study station

With INASKA we have a strong partner at our side when it comes to the topic of sustainable sports fashion. Because INASKA produces ecofair in Europe highly functional bikinis, swimsuits and leggings in individually adjustable styles. A sustainable production process for our tank tops, shorts and bikinis is also very important to us, which is why we want to take a look with you at what sustainability in (sports) fashion actually means, how it is produced and what other approaches and possibilities there might be to act more sustainably in the area of beach volleyball (equipment). Because we also know that a completely sustainable action is a long way, but we have already gone a part of it and are very happy to exchange with you about it and to see how we can shape the further way.

In addition, you can of course put the products from Inaska and us through their paces at the camp and purchase them.

As a matter of course, we relax on the beach, play beach volleyball or take long walks on the beach. However, the beach, or rather the mainland, only takes up a relatively small part of the earth's surface, because our oceans make up the majority. A huge ecosystem with an incredible variety of plants and animals, into which millions of tons of plastic waste are dumped every year.
Together with "Wild Plastic" we fight against plastic waste pollution and clean our beautiful beaches together with you in our camps. During our walk we would like to discuss the topic of the ecosystem of the sea and look together with you where the problems lie and how we can all contribute to change.

Participant makes bridge during yoga on beach

Good technique and physical fitness are important factors in beach volleyball. No less important, but often ignored, is the mental mindset. 

How do I deal mindfully with myself as a player and with my partner? What issues weigh on me mentally in the game? And how can I address them?

How do I best relax after a demanding day and how can I positively influence my mindset. 

We want to deal with all these topics in targeted sessions as well as directly in the game throughout the week.

You can also expect a yoga session with our awesome yoga instructor Pam.

In June, the German summer is already slowly in the starting blocks. The average temperatures rise to 20-26 ° C and the sea has - let's say - still a refreshing and invigorating temperature 🙂 Nevertheless, ideal temperatures for relaxed training and time out on the beach.

Nautic beach hotel

Instead of a hotel, we have rented several holiday flats here. You can choose between different types (from standard to luxurious). All flats are located at the same address, are a maximum of 250m from the beach and are fully equipped (kitchen, bathroom, etc.). Some holiday flats even offer some extras such as a sauna or sun terrace, which is why there are of course differences in price here. Most of the flats are for 2 persons, but there may be room for more if you come as a family or small group. Just send us an email if you would like to stay in the apartments with more people (families or the same household).

IMPORTANT: For a single booking, the indicated camp price in our booking portal is very high. This is due to the fact that the apartments are designed for 2, 3, 4 or 5 people. But don't worry, there is a possibility to put you together with other single bookings in one vacation apartment. Please contact us via info@beachme.de and we will be happy to show you all your options.

Here you get an impression of a part of the apartments - . Nautic.


What you still have to take care of


In general, the arrival and departure is organized by you independently. Sierksdorf is easy to reach both by car and by train (via Lübeck). All apartments are only a 10-minute walk from Sierksdorf train station, which is why we recommend arriving by train, also in the spirit of our camp. Parking spaces for cars are also available. If all participants arrive by car, some may have to use paid parking spaces (the fee is fair!). Please let us know how you will arrive and contact us if you need any help.


Apart from your private playing clothes and equipment, we provide everything you need to play beach volleyball. In addition, we will provide you with water for the training to fill yourself. So that you are personally well equipped for the training, we recommend that you pack the following things: Headgear, sunglasses & sunscreen, swim shorts/ tank top or bikini/sports shirt, towel, water bottle.

All camps in Sierksdorf

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The total prices listed are per person in a vacation apartment. The prices include 1 week beach volleyball camp (up to 5 beach volleyball training sessions, 4 balance workshops and free play) incl. 7 nights and half board (team cooking).

Nautic Hotel (peak season summer 2023)

AccommodationCateringbeach volleyballPrice per person from

Apartment/flat BugkorbHalf board (prepared in common)Training Pass BnB840 €
Apartment MittschiffsHalf board (prepared in common)Training Pass BnB840 €
Apartment StarboardHalf board (prepared in common)Training Pass BnB840 €
Apartment SteuermannHalf board (prepared in common)Training Pass BnB840 €
Apartment CaptainHalf board (prepared in common)Training Pass BnB860 €
Apartment HeckHalf board (prepared in common)Training Pass BnB860 €
apartment/flat portHalf board (prepared in common)Training Pass BnB920 €
Apartment/LookoutHalf board (prepared in common)Training Pass BnB1000 €
Apartment/flat sea viewHalf board (prepared in common)Training Pass BnB1000 €


For a single booking, the indicated camp price in our booking portal is very high. This is due to the fact that the apartments are designed for 2, 3, 4 or 5 people. But don't worry, there is a possibility to put you together with other single bookings in one vacation apartment. Please contact us via info@beachme.de and we will be happy to show you all your options.

7 nights instead of 6 Note

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